GPS not starting – GPS navigation fails to start:

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It is quite obvious, that one day you start your car and find out that your GPS system is not working. There should be error either in installed GPS device in your car or your phone might be having some issue with the installed Garmin GPS application.
Hence it is suggested to check both the areas properly and rectify the problem. We need to understand that first we have to find out the problem then solution can be applied. Assuming that, the GPS device in car is not workingand facing problem to start the GPS, first of all you have to make sure that car’s ignition is switched on, and see if the power supply is on for GPS navigation device. If it’s still not starting, in that case you should check the fuse also.
Now if everything is ok with the GPS device in the car, then check the installed application on your android that you have switched on the location and application is updated properly with latest version. Also you can restart your phone and problem may get sorted by doing this simple step.

Reason behind GPS navigation fails to start in running car

Reason for GPS navigation fails to start is not specific, there could be multiple reasons behind this. Some of the reasons and solutions we have discussed in starting. Now if we want to find out other root cause for this issue in running car, it can be bad weather conditions causing disturbance in GPS signal. The other major cause can be the problem with car antenna that your antenna may not be getting proper signal from satellite. For that issue, you need to place your antenna towards clear sky.
To keep yourself away from this kind of issue, it is strongly suggested to check all possible errors before riding, and get updated with latest version of Garmin GPS map.